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Helping Aids orphans in Utange, Kenya


Thanks to generous support, these orphaned children now have a safe,
secure and loving home and are able to attend the local primary school

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Help build a High School for orphans

High School 1

Orphaned children have little chance of secondary education.  
With your help, this cold change for these disadvantaged children in Utange

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The Story

Whilst on a family holiday in 2006, Debbie Scott met Pastor John Kahindi in Utange, Kenya, after getting away from the tourist areas.   John and his wife Elizabeth were overseeing the care of ten children in the village who had lost one or both their parents to AIDS.  These were just a few of the hundreds of children orphaned through AIDS.

On returning home, the plight of the children laid heavily on Debbie's heart.   As a Christian she would pray for the children and felt God say that He wanted her to do something about their plight. 

So, with a small team, she began fundraising through The Sure Foundation to build a home and to feed, clothe and educate some of the children.  A local trust was set up in Kenya - The Sure Foundation Home for Orphans Project - to build and operate the home which was named Casuarina House. Phase One was opened in January 2009 with the original ten children moving in.  Phase Two was completed a year later and it was officially opened on 29th January 2010 with a live broadcast from Casuarina House by Lorna Milton on BBC Three Counties Radio.

A further fourteen children, making twenty-four in total, now live in Casuarina House for whom it is a home for the children rather than an institution.  It is somewhere that they feel nurtured, cared for and loved.  The whole team want to give the children hope and a future.Facebook logo

Click here to find out more about Casuarina House.

Your donation to the Utange Orphans can make a real difference! 

If you are a UK taxpayer, we will be able to claim back Gift Aid on your donation.

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Debbie has embarked on an additional campaign to feed more of the AIDS orphans in Utange.  Feed500 is bringing some nurture to 600 orphans in Utange through a feeding programme run from a new building on Pastor John's church land of which The Sure Foundation Home for Orphans Project has aquired the use.

Feed500-1 Nov2011

 Feed500-2 Nov2011

These children are starving and very distressed, and do not even have a regular meal each day, sometimes not for several days.  But we know that with your help we can change this and make sure they eat every day.  Please consider becoming a supporter of the Feed500 programme.  You can find out more and how to make a regular donation by clicking here: Feed500

Thank you

We are so grateful to all who have supported the Project thus far and hope that others will join in praying for and financing the on-going work.

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